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A space where you will be understood and in which you will find programs designed with my heart and soul…  I’ve been in your shoes, you are not alone anymore!  

The end of the search for things that work: you’ve already reached the right place.

Relax, trust me, I will guide you from the weight you are in, to the weight you desire and  the health, body and energy you deserve and so long you have waited for…

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I’ve designed a program that will tell you exactly what foods are stopping you from losing weight, the best combinations for your body type and the right replacements for each of the things you love to eat. There is no deprivation, this is an anti-diet strategy that does not involve following a piece of paper to the dot. You will actually learn hundreds of new possibilities.

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You have probably tried it all in the past, diets, pills, shakes, treatments, exercise, you name it. And most likely, despite of the effort, you went back to your initial weight. This happens often, and it can be very frustrating

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Yes, we have very busy lives, we are tired of spending money, of being confused by information on the networks. Our imagination is running out, we no longer know what to cook…. We get tired of the same thing… and the worst…

We are responsible for our children, but fatigue, limited time and stress do not allow us to feed them as we would like.

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This is a wonderful gift we give our bodies. It helps repair the damage caused by fat, excess sugar, alcohol, and carbohydrates. It gives you the opportunity to press our body’s reset button and to clean and align our organs. It’s about eliminating what’s no longer good for us, expanding our lungs, oxygenating our cells, regenerating our skin, and filling ourselves with gratitude and renewed energy.

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Let’s chat you and I. This is a one on one session in which we will discuss your current habits. We will evaluate what you’re eating, go over your supplements and the food combinations you are making. In the comfort of your home or my office, we will review your routines, measure your fat percentages, weight, bone density and water level. As a result, we will come up with a personalized program so you can accomplish your goals on your own.

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Form your own group and receive all my advice together for 90 days. In my experience, I’ve found that groups get better results when it comes to weight loss. The support people receive from one another gives them the strength, commitment and discipline to complete the program successfully. This program is about walking the path from where you are to where you want to be together. As a group, you will accomplish the weight, health, and life you want next to people who have the same goal as you.

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