Health Coach Cami

What's healthy and what’s not?

We get information left and right… we are at the mercy of what Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the radio and tv tell us…

But unfortunately they barely agree… One day something is great for your health and the next day that same thing is awful… Remember what happened with coconut oil? It was highly recommended, then suddenly it was bad for your health and finally it was awesome again… So, go figure!  

Why does this happen?

Because behind every product we consume, there is a business… and most of those companies want to sell and make money regardless of what happens to your health.

So who cares about your health? You and I!

Yes, I do care about your health because, although I don’t know you, I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to a self-inflicted disease. Unfortunately, I also know what it’s like to have your mom diagnosed with cancer.

The good news is that I also witnessed how by changing her habits, she was able to recover and enjoy a very healthy and happy life.  

If we have not had the pleasure of meeting, let me introduce myself, I am Camila Lopez. As a result of my mother’s illness, I discovered my passion for health…

It began as desperate intent for helping her, it then became a hobby and eventually it turned into my passion.  

I got certified as a Health and Life Coach devoting my life to helping others.

I have tried it all. My guinea pig?

Me!! I have tried everything there is to lose weight: shakes, fat-burning pills, massages, diets, etc…  But I always went back to the same place. Until I finally found what really worked: qualified information!

After that long path, I now have extensive knowledge, my own experiences and all the data gathered during these past 8 years.

That’s why I created this special Single Session so I can help you solve all doubts about the products you are currently taking. I will teach you what companies are hiding from us, and all you need to know about the foods that you eat now: what’s helping or hurting you. 

All based on proven facts, backed up by real alternative medicine doctors and studies conducted by legit big-name universities. There is no need to rely on Facebook or Instagram anymore, we now have science and you have me! 

We constantly ask ourselves questions, we wonder if we are doing it right...

So, how would you like to have someone answer all of them?

Someone who has already taken the time to investigate what is true and what’s not…

I proudly present to you my program


1 one-on-one in-person consultation of up to two hours


Rigorous assessment of your current habits


New Routine design


Measurement of fat percentages, current weight, bone density and water levels


Pantry Clean the Clutter Exercise

The Session includes:

Shopping list

How to Read Labels Guide

Conversion tables

Personalized BMI Table

Personalized Meal Plan

Replacements Guide

As a result...


The Single Session is for you if:

· You're not overweight
· You'd like to lose some weight and become healthier
· You want to increase your energy
· You'd like to learn the effect of certain foods in your body
· You're interested in knowing if what you are doing is working
· You want to know your ideal weight, fat levels, water and bone density

The Single Session is not for you if:

· You are looking to lose weight significantly
· You are looking for a follow up coaching program
· You are interested in dieting
· You need long term commitment assistance


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