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¿Have you ever thought that it would be great to have a time machine?
Wouldn’t it be awesome to go back in time and change the past? And eliminate or change things we have said or any regrets we have….

Maybe sometimes you wonder how your body and life would be if you had exercised more or had eaten the right things from the beginning…

How much suffering do you think this would have saved us?

Unfortunately, time machines don’t exist... The good thing is that the human body is so awesome that it does have the ability to regenerate itself.

We tend to ignore the things that we can’t see…

But do you ever wonder what happens inside of your body?

Remember that fats, sugar, carbohydrates, and alcohol can cause irreparable damage to our body.

Did you know that the #1 cause of death in the world are heart problems? And do you know what causes them? Our eating habits and lifestyle....

Wanna know the good news? You can change those...

Epigenetics, the science that studies genes tells us that: even if we do inherit the genes from our relatives carrying any disease; those can be modified... they can be altered... so it's up to you to let those burst or not! This can be controlled with our eating habits and healthy lifestyle, that simple!

See how much power we have?

I invite you to use that power to your advantage... take that chance, start a new beginning...

My name is

Camila Lopez

I am a certified Health & Life Coach

My passion and mission in life are to help people lose weight and feel amazing!

If we are somehow alike, you have had those moments in which food has been your only comfort. I’m sure you’ve opened a jar of ice cream with a broken heart and made sure there’s nothing left in it!

You have also probably said many times: «I’m just gonna have a little bit of this” and end up eating the whole unhealthy thing…

You probably also have one of those temptation junk foods that once you have it in front of you, you just gotta have it!!

Or maybe you’re one of the few women who has a super willpower and always eats what you should…

But if you are like me, you make your little or big mistakes here and there… all followed by the guilt trip…

For that reason, I am super excited to invite you to start over and repair the damage; welcome to my version of the time machine…

I'm going to share with you my lifesaver for when I lose track, because yes, I am as human as you are!

I present to you my 14-Day Detox
All you have to do is donwload the PDF file and follow all the steps to a magical transformation


3 phases of detoxification


Lists of what to eat and what not


List of


Elimination drink recipe


List of stimulating activities


Daily routine


Sample eating plan


Massage guide


Breathing Exercises


Body therapies


Obstacle Support Guide


Elimination techniques




Food re-introduction


(2 DAYS)

The Pre-Cleanse is about making the commitment setting your intentions, shopping for cleanse friendly ingredients, and beginning to ease your body into the full cleanse, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

(7 DAYS)

During the cleanse you will follow the simple elimination diet plan and body practices.

(5 DAYS)

In the Re-Introduction phase, you will re-introduce foods back in to your diet one by one to identify food sensitivities and intolerances and create a maintenance diet that best serves your unique body.

What are the benefits of doing the detox?

  • Shed excess weight (especially abdominal weight)
  • Boost your energy
  • Feel lighter and cleaner
  • Decrease your craving for unhealthy foods
  • Experience deeper sleep and clearer skin
  • Improve your digestion (less gas and bloating)
  • Enhance your body’s ability to mobilize and excrete toxins
  • Decrease congestion and allergy symptoms
  • Discover food sensitivities
  • Create healthy habits that enliven you

Do you want to know if it's time for a Détox?


This detox is for you if:

• You want to relieve or figure out where certain symptoms come from
• You want to reduce the fat accumulated in your waist and/or stomach
• You'd like to know if you're allergic to any foods
• You want to start a healthier lifestyle
• You want to feel more energized

This Détox is NOT for you if:

• You are not willing to leave certain foods during the 14-day period
• Depriving yourself of any food or drink causes you anxiety
• Your mood changes when you have dieted in the past
• You are looking for long-term weight loss


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