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Your Complete Roadmap to Become a Fat-Burning Machine in Just 30 Days


Real Changes

This is Paola 54 Lbs Later

Forget about all the things you have tried, and open your mind to an absolutely new way, never tried before, The Fat Burning Code. Take my easy-to-learn 90 Day system to reactivate your metabolism, activate your fat burning power, build more muscle and increase your energy.

Nothing works better to Lose Weight and Keep it Off than the Fat-Burning Code.

No matter how old you are, if you cook, if you have no time to exercise, or your food preferences, the Fat-Bruning Code works for everyone. With every step of the Code that you take, you will start seeing results.

Without dieting, taking pills, getting injected, or military workouts, you will be able to finally see results. The code teaches you the science behind weight loss so you can decrypt the things that stop you from getting where you want to be.

In fact, I was already expecting to fail when I started my own weight Loss Journey, but at least I could say, “I Tried”


Camila Lopez

Like many of you, I had tried taking pills sold over the counter that promised to make you burn fat, I tried multiple diets, shakes and bars, I also joined the gym, and NOTHING!

I would lose a couple of pounds and then gain them back. Out of frustration, I would quit everything I was doing and started eating even more.

Years later, after researching, studying nutrition and getting certified as a Life and Health Coach, I was able to put together the most amazing and revolutionary method there is: The Fat Burning Code.

Hundreds of my patients have joined the Fat-Burning Movement experiencing amazing results.

From a Slow Metabolism TO A FAT-BURNING MACHINE

Yep, that’s you!

Inside the Fat-Burning Code Program, you’ll learn to adopt a Fat-Burner mindset- not to mention the recipes, tips, and guides all laid out in an easy to follow process fit for an amazing Fat-Buner!

From your very first time losing the first pounds to your dream weight, you’ll feel set up for success.

And just 30 days from now, you could start seeing results and start getting as close as possible to you goal.

Step Inside The Fat-Burning Code

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from creating one of the most successful Weight Loss practices in the US, and turned it into a 3-month process to lose weight, reactivate your metabolism, increase muscle mass and improve you overall health and energy in just 90 Days.

In the past 12 years, I have helped hundreds of people get to their ideal weight, get rid of symptoms, lower cholesterol, cure acid reflux, lower blood pressure, reduce glucose, increase their energy, and feel younger.

My tribe continues to grow and more and more people manage to achieve their goals, and most important, keep the weight off!!!

I’m handing over the exact, step-by-step system I used to lose weight myself and with my patients, all in just 12 actionable modules.


Here’s Everything You Get Inside the Fat Burning Code


6 nutrition focused sessions


1 session on parties, trips and restaurants.


1 movement session


7 strategies to get stuck


4 stress and anxiety management sessions


1 virtual visit to the supermarket


31 guides to fat-burning techniques


34 smoothie recipes


51 fat-burning recipes


Practice exercises


Who is this program for?

· For people who want to see a change in their life but who need to manage their time freely.

· Women and men who feel that they have already tried everything and that traditional methods have not worked for them.

· Women who need constant support to encourage them to continue on the path.

· People who want to learn, make a radical change in their life and who want to improve their health: reduce symptoms and relieve long-term discomfort.

Who this program is NOT for:

· For people who want to lose weight quickly regardless of the method.

· For those who do not have an hour of their day to watch the sessions and implement the material.

· For people who are looking to gain weight or muscle mass.


Here’s Everything You Get Inside the Fat Burning Code

6 nutrition sessions

Videos with nutrition sessions where you will learn new techniques to implement throughout the process. How to eat, the perfect combinations, what causes us to stagnate and which foods affect our health.

1 party, travel and restaurant session

With these sessions you will learn what you should do when you travel, go to parties, meetings and/or restaurants. You will have not only my advice but also guides that you can carry with you at all times.

1 movement session

In this session I will explain the latest advances in science about exercise and the most effective way to burn fat in a short time and with double the benefit of traditional exercises.

7 strategies to get stuck

I will share with you the methods that I personally use to lose weight when I reach a point where I plateau. It works for me every time and I know it will for you. You will get tips to speed up your metabolism and easy-to-get supplements to see results sooner than you expected.

4 stress and anxiety management sessions

The most important part of the program is learning how to sustain habits, how to not fall into temptations again, and how to turn everything you learn into a new lifestyle. I will show you how our brain works, how we can reprogram it with techniques and exercises used by famous athletes.

1 virtual visit to the supermarket

We will virtually go shopping together and you will learn how to buy your groceries. You will know what is worth buying organic and what is not. You will learn to read labels and not be fooled by food producing companies. You will be surprised to see the large number of products that you can consume and the substitutions that will allow you to continue enjoying what you like so much.

31 guides to fat-burning techniques

Each of the sessions that we will have during these wonderful months will be accompanied by support material. You will have tables, guides, suggestions and easy-to-understand explanations that you can have with you whenever you need them.

34 smoothie recipes

The pleasure is in variety, I will share with you many ways to make healthy and delicious smoothies so that you don't get tired of the same thing. Making eating well is fun!

51 fat-burning recipes

You will receive these recipes specifically designed to nourish the body, lose weight and savor and enjoy good eating. You will be surprised by how practical, easy and delicious each of them are! Enjoy!

Practice exercises

Each of the sessions that we will have on managing the mind and emotions come accompanied by exercises that you can do to obtain the greatest possible benefit and become an expert in managing your brain!

I want to start my membership today!