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Group Coaching

I invite you to form your own group: at the office, with your family or friends…

You are probably wondering why you would consider doing so…  

Well, the reason behind it is that people who work in groups usually get better results  than those who work individually when it comes to weight loss.  

In my experience, when people come together for a common purpose, great empathy occurs. The level of enthusiasm and the sense of belonging rises.

They share their victories, their ups and downs but most important, they have each other’s support.

Having someone that understands you makes a huge difference when it comes to going through a challenge.

My group weight loss program is a very dynamic and fun way to achieve your goals and create amazing bonds with those who share your dreams.

As a group, you will receive the same information as the individual 90-Day Program, but you will also get the company, healthy and fun competition, more interaction and a very significant discount. So, why not?

So, what's the idea?

We will combine my experience, your goals, and the support of the group and as a result you will all lose weight, gain energy, heal your body and learn a new sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Hey there! I am Camila Lopez,

I am not only a Health Coach; I am living my dream and fulfilling my mission in life.

For years, I’ve been helping people transform into who they really want to be.

My path began with my own transformation. I always thought I was healthy because I felt “ok”.

But now, 8 years and 30 pounds less later, I realized how wrong I was.

I’m lucky I never developed any serious illnesses with the unhealthy lifestyle I had.

But I do remember always feeling frustrated, getting tired from climbing a few stairs, and getting swollen hands just from walking less than a mile. I also had constant heartburn and could not sleep well. But hey, you end up convincing yourself that it’s all normal!

It becomes your natural state; but let me tell you something, that’s not life…

That’s why I have dedicated my life to creating programs that work, that don’t require much of your time and that get you quick results!

I present to you my Group Coaching Program!

I have to confess; this is the program in which I have the most fun… I love the interaction, healthy competition, and energy of the groups…

I promise you it will be a fun and very fulfilling experience.


6 group sessions about nutrition


6 group life-coaching sessions


Supermarket tour


31 guides to weight loss


34 smoothie recipes


51 guilt-free healthy recipes


Practice exercises


BMI tables


Personalized eating plans

Here's what you'll find in the program:

6 nutrition and 6 life coaching sessions

45-minute to 1 hour group face-to-face appointments once a week. We will track progress, encourage, answer questions, and get new information. The first half of the program covers all about food, how, when and where to eat. You will learn the best food combinations and portions for your body type. In the other half of the program, you will learn how to handle emotions and how to control and re-program your brain. You will learn the most advanced techniques for self-control so you can sustain you new habits for good.

Food audit

Together we will identify what's in your pantry that might be preventing you from losing weight. We will make the necessary changes, remove what no longer serves you and welcome the new foods that are going to bring you so much health and benefits! This exercise opens the door to your new path. This is your chance to ask me about supplements, menus and everything you're currently taking.

Supermarket Tour

Join me at the supermarket either in person or virtually, so I can show you how to buy your food consciously. I'll show you how companies play with words and manipulate information to sell, while putting our health at risk. You'll learn to read labels, what to buy organic, what foods help you burn fat, and a variety of new options so healthy eating does not become boring.

Personalized eating plan

On the second week you will receive a custom-made meal plan. Remember, it's not a diet to be followed to the dot… It is simply a compilation of several ideas so you can know what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. These are all based on your food preferences; it does not require to force yourself into liking something that you don’t.

Guidelines and Sugar Impact Scales

In this program, you'll find tips and tools no one else has in the industry. These will help you keep the weight off and prevent you from gaining more. You will learn the effect that each food has in your body. You will be surprised with how clear and easy to understand the information is. Everything is color coded and categorized so you can comfortably follow along. Additionally, you will receive guides for attending events, parties, for when you travel or are far from home. During the program you will be able to continue to enjoy your favorite things without worrying about gaining weight.


Group Coaching is for you if:

· You feel the need for constant support in order to stay on track
· You like to feel accompanied, heard and supported during changes
· Healthy competition motivates you
· You think encouraging others helps yourself
· You need positive pressure to reach your goals

Group Coaching is not for you if:

· You're shy and you prefer privacy
· You're intimidated or disturbed by any kind of competition
· You feel more comfortable with personalized attention
· You find it hard to open up when there are other people around


Imagine that…

· You always have company while changing your habits
· You are part of a group that has the same challenges and goals as you
· You get to share recipe and ideas
· You have someone to celebrate your achievements with
· You have have emotional support

Laugh, cry and celebrate with your colleagues this life-changing experience!

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean"

Ryunosuke Satoro

Are you


Your Group Transformation is waiting for you!

Join or form your own group
Take advantage of the amazing discounts
Start losing weight today

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