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This is All You Need to Become a
Fat-Burning Machine

The Fat-Burning Code

Get all your questions answered, especially the most popular one: why don’t diets work?

Build MuscleWithout Diets or Military Exercises!!

This guide is the ABSOLUTE opposite of what you have tried before.  It is an invitation to open your mind to something completely new…

Say goodbye to failed attempts, frustration, pills, injections, shakes, and even gyms. Choose what’s proven to work.

Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright!

Forget about having to get up at 5 a.m. to exercise because your day is not long enough

Forget about restrictions, stop being the only person at the party who is on a diet and can't enjoy

Forget about starving yourself to lose weight

Forget about spending hours in the kitchen figuring out what to cook

In my new book, I reveal to you all the secrets I use in my successful practice… I give you SO much that felt a little axyous when I published it.

I thought: «everyone will now know my secrets» But that’s the idea, that you learn them and use them, because they WORK!

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My name isCamila Lopez

More than a decade ago, I left the corporate world, and dedicated myself to doing research on how to heal our bodies in a holistic way.

After trying to lose weight and curing my constant heartburn and lack of energy, I discovered that there is not one thing that works…

There are several, but only if combined, people manage to get rid of discomfort, increase their energy, and lose weight.

But most important: I give you the tools to sustain your weight loss!

"I'm not surprised we're tired"

With all the information there is available about weight loss, how can we not be exhausted? That is the purpose of this book, give you curated information, proven to work and summarized for you.

I get how sometimes we feel like giving up…

I get how sometimes we feel like giving up…

But let’s not, life goes on, and it is no coincidence that you’re reading these words

Everything happens for a reason and perhaps yours is:   That you are ready to make the change.

Give yourself a new chance with strategies you’ve never tried before.

And I’m sure you’re thinking… How do you know I haven’t tried these?

I know it because there is no method like mine in the market. One that does not require you to:

  1. Buy Products
  2. Follow a diet
  3. Do Military Exercises
  4. Miss out on parties
  5. Stop traveling
  6. Be a ceratin age
  7. Do anything artificial

On the contrary, my method gives you more options to eat, teaches you how to feel full of energy and not hungry… And, in addition, it activates your Fat-Burning power.

Did you know that fat and sugar are not burnt simultaneously?

It is just a matter of making a few tweaks so you can go from being a Sugar-Burner to a Fat-Burner

Just like this one, I'll share with you a lot of secrets that you've probably never heard before.

Do You Want to Burn Body Fat and Gain Muscle Without Starving Yourself?

"This New Book Shows You How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine Without: Dieting or Exercising

All of the secrets of my successful practice summarized in 9 chapters

If you're wondering who this book is for

If you are looking for a way to love and accept yourself as you are

If you want to know what it’s like to wake up with energy that lasts all day without having to drink extra coffee

If you want to feel free of pain, discomfort, or illnesses

If you want to go to the doctor and only hear good news about your health

If you’re afraid of failing again after trying so many things to lose weight without success

If you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to get back to the weight you felt comfortable at before

If you think that because you have a super busy life you can’t take care of yourself

If you think that because of your age, your body will not respond the same and that you will struggle to lose weight

If you’re ready to give yourself a new chance, without the fear, just playing it safe with this proven method


Find out why the Fat Burning Code has sold thousands of copies worldwide....

"This book is incredibly effective, not only did I lose weight, but I lowered my cholesterol levels, without starving myself. I feel full of energy."


    Ciudad de Mexico

    "I can't believe that Camila has revealed all her secrets in such an accessible book. It's absolutely wonderful."

      Maria Eugenia Botero
      Maria Eugenia Botero


      "I never thought losing weight was so easy. I always saw it as an almost impossible thing until I read this book."

        Rosa Zambrano
        Rosa Zambrano


        It's nice to see an author open up so much and allow us to enter her personal life, sharing not only her successes but also her failures. The book is a sign of humbleness for a person with such knowledge.

          Maria Rosa Huerta
          Maria Rosa Huerta


          To make it easier for you, this book is for those

          Who decide once and for all to take control of their lives, for those who are thinking: IT’S MY TURN!!

          Ask yourself: Do I care more about others than I do about myself?

          If so, it’s time to change that! 

          WAIT, this gets better….

          I am proud to tell you that this book is listed as a Best Seller in Spain, Mexico, and the United States!


          Learn how our body can stop feeling cravings and hunger by actually eating more

          Discover a new method that uses no restrictions, quite the opposite, it opens up the possibilities for you

          Get the never before shared publicly: my Food Qualification lists that will show you the impact of each of the things you eat on your health

          The teachings in this book are worth more than... $1,200 US

          But don't worry, you don't have to pay that. The book is available to you for an investment of as little as US $19.98

          My obsession with health, which started when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, led me to do more in-depth research and experiment all weight-loss options on myself. Years later, I collected all that information, thus creating my greatest pride:

          The Fat-Burning Code

          Proven method to lose weight and in other words, return to being that awesome version of yourself that was lost over the years.

          This is my gift to you: My Knowledge and years of hard work.

          I have studied nutrition, got certified as a Health and Life Coach, and as an Advanced  Supplements Advisor. I am also certified in Biodecoding, Sound Healing Therapy, Access Bars and Neurolinguistics, just to name a few.

          I know it sounds exhausting, but I did it to show you a method that works.

          Join my tribe, if they managed to accomplish their goals, why wouldn’t you?

          Men, women, youth, adults, slow metabolisms, it doesn't matter what category you are in, if you follow this guide you will succeed!!!

          It is scientifically proven that the genetic information we inherit from our parents is preserved forever.

          That means that the weight that you liked so much when  you were younger, is still in your DNA. It’s waiting for you like a treasure that needs to be unburied.

          It’s just a matter of digging until you reach it!

          Don't wait any longer…

          Your copy is waiting for you!