Health Coach Cami


Does it sound familiar to you?

Yes, we have very busy lives, we are tired of spending money, of being confused by information on the networks. Our imagination is running out, we no longer know what to cook…. We get tired of the same thing… and the worst…

We are responsible for our children, but fatigue, limited time and stress do not allow us to feed them as we would like.


But don't worry, I'm here!

Since I went through the same thing as you, I understand you!

I’m going to show you what you’re really eating in less than an hour…

What are you doing to your body without knowing, so you don’t waste your money on products that don’t work…

What are you giving to your children, so that you feel at peace with yourself…

I'm not going to judge you, I'm here for you to achieve:

How tired are you of wasting time and money on things that don't work?

How important is it to know what you and your children eat?

Since I know how important it is,
I present to you my Mini Course

7 videos of super new, short and substantial information to understand what is in the foods we buy in the supermarket. How companies deceive us and how we can avoid it.


I’m Camila Lopez

and my mission in life is to help all those mothers who don’t even have time to go to the bathroom alone but who love their children more than their life… If you, who are everything, teacher, nutritionist, masseuse, doctor, friend, wife, accountant, etc…

We have so many hats that it is difficult for us to take care of our health and that of our children…

So that’s what I’m here for! To guide you and teach you in a short time keys that you can use TODAY.

And they will make your children avoid what we couldn’t:

Help them, I'll teach you how

I have 9 years of experience in the field of health, I am certified as a Health Coach, and I have all the tools and experiences necessary to guide you so that you and your family can achieve all your health goals… I am also a mom and I know how important they are to us…

That’s why I am so happy to present to you my Mini Course:


7 short videos with valuable information to help you stop polluting your body and that of your children.


Explanation of the Glycemic Index.


Reading labels.


Nutritional values.


The truth about the most common ingredients.


What you need to know about basic products.


3 additional tips.


What to buy organic.


Guidelines for sustenance.

This is what you'll find:


Explanation of the Glycemic Index.



Label Reading


The truth about the most common ingredients


What you should know about basic products


3 additional tips


What to buy Organic and what not


Sustenance Guidelines

In less than an hour, you will understand the mystery of why we gain weight so easily, why healthy people develop diseases suddenly, why children may have trouble concentrating, growing, or have weakened immune systems.

Isn't it great to have information that can change your life available whenever you need it, right in the comfort of your own home?

Don't wait, enter immediately!

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