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You got questions?

It happens all the time…

Don’t worry, making the decision of starting a weight loss program takes some courage and thinking. After all, there are so many options out there and many of us have tried so many things that is totally normal to want to know what’s in it for you and why it would be different this time.

Below you will find the most common questions that I get, I hope they help you! If not, you are always welcome to write to us!

Is hiring a Health Coach expensive?

When it comes to our health, feeling energized, looking great and being able to spend more years with our loved ones, you should not see this as an expense; this is an investment in you.

We usually spend lots of money in many things that are temporary, like a mani-pedi, eyelashes, hair extensions, etc… and this is great and very much needed for us ladies; however, keep in mind that health coaching is a change of lifestyle that you will continue for the rest of your life and will change you completely.

Programs can range from $180 to $1,200 per month depending on what you’re looking for.

Make sure to always ask about payment plans. Don’t let money be the reason for not getting the health and body you deserve! It’s more expensive to get sick than to prevent it.

Why hire a Health Coach?

If you are like me, you like to enjoy the pleasures of life such as eating, going out and hanging out with friends. Therefore, traditional diets are not made for you. You cannot handle following a sheet of paper to the dot all by yourself while maintaining the lifestyle that you want. That is exactly the reason why you need a Health Coach, because you will not be alone,  your coach will make sure to adapt the program to you, not the other way around.

You will lose the weight and accomplish all your goals without the stress, guilt, or uncertainty.  You will put everything in the hands of an expert who will guide you step by step until you get to where you want to be.  Doesn’t it sound fun?

What's does a Health Coach do for me?

In addition to transforming your health completely, a coach like me will help you lose weight, provide you with hundreds of recipes and ideas on what to eat, guide you and support you all the way while measuring and celebrating your progress.

A great coach will make sure you stay on track and teach you how to manage everyday situations like travel, parties, restaurants, or events. More important, he or she will always listen to you and encourage you when you feel down.

As a result, you will increase your energy level, eliminate symptoms and/or illnesses and you will look and feel renewed!

Why a Health Coach and not a Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Even though they are both a good choice and do a great job, the difference is that a Health Coach will be with you from start to finish throughout the process.

Another big difference, in my case, is that I do not use or believe in diets! I have a much more flexible and sustainable technique.

If you feel like you’re someone who has a hard time maintaining new habits, who has tried it all and gone back to where you started, then your best option is hiring a Health Coach that will assure you that you will finally be able to keep the weight of for good!

Is it guaranteed that I will lose weight?

If you follow my directions and make the changes, then yes, you will lose weight. There are exceptions that apply to those who have certain medical conditions.

However, I can proudly say that until this day, all of my clients have lost most or all the desired weight!! Yooo hoo!!  

Keep in mind that results will be based on your commitment. I can only guarantee that you will have the best of me in order to support you and help you reach those goals!

How many pounds am I going to lose?

Everybody and every person is different. Program outcomes depends on your dedication, commitment, and determination. So if you’re ready, it’s up to you to lose either a lot or a little weight!

Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.

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