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I can’t lose weight because my metabolism got slow with time

Said by hundreds of women that come to me!


I hear this all the time… But do you actually know what your metabolism is and how it works? 


Metabolism is the process our body uses to extract energy from the foods we eat…


It is related to weight because if we incorporate an excess of energy through the food, then affect our metabolism

Not only time can alter our metabolism, genetics and hormonal disorders also play a role

The good news is that you can keep your metabolism active with a balanced diet, physical activity and resting well...

And the best thing about this is that I can teach you how to accomplish all three things

Do you think that perhaps you and I have something in common?

Just like you, I have struggled with my weight... when I was in my 20s, I was diagnosed with prediabetes...

I was making $10 an hour, working a night shift, and living alone for the first time. I had no interest in healthy stuff, neither the money, nor the time to even consider joining a gym… and my cooking skills where simply terrible.

I could binge eat all day long while watching Lifetime movies. As a result, I was constantly tired and frustrated. I had no confidence or self-steam.

It took me years, tears, and a huge effort to get to where I am today, but I did it! I am at my ideal weight, with more energy than ever, happy and with absolute confidence

That's why I want you to feel the same joy and pride of being on your ideal weight and feeling confident and strong! This is an invitation for you to join the movement and accomplish your goals!

Feel the peace of mind of being in good health and knowing that we will be with our loved ones for a long time...

I am Camila Lopez, certified Health & Life Coach. My passion and mission in life is to help people lose weight and feel healthy.

So here is the deal, I bring to the table my years of knowledge, all my personal experiences and my own studies. What do you bring?

How about your desire for change and motivation? Don’t you think we will make an amazing team? I think so! I bet that together we will achieve all your goals...

Are you


Your 90-day Total Transformation is waiting for you...

Now it's time to start seeing changes

In this program I will teach you how to find the tools that will speed up your metabolism, customized methods for your unique situation, combinations of meals and many tools that will take you from the weight you are in to your desired one. This will open the door to a life full of hope, joy, energy, self-confidence and HEALTH, a lot of HEALTH!!

Stop trying fasting, diets and pills that will only give short-term results. You already know they have not taken you anywhere…


The step-by-step guide to the best weight loss strategy regardless of your age or the type of metabolism you have.

Wanna know the best part? There are no diets or military exercises involved.



6 nutrition focused sessions


6 life coaching sessions


Supermarket tour


31 guides to weight loss techniques


34 smoothie recipes


51 guilt-free recipes


Practice exercises


BMI tables


Personalized eating plan


This program is for you if:

· You are tired of trying everything without getting results
· After becoming a mom your body is not what it used to be and you want it back!
· You have no time to go to the gym
· You work, travel, hang out with friends and basically have a life!
· You can’t afford a chef, personal trainer or surgeon that can fix all the flaws that bother you!

If any of these sound familiar, then you are in the right place!

This program is NOT for you if:

· You want short term miraculous changes
· Your personal appearance is more important than your health and you are willing to try anything
· You want to gain weight or muscle mass
· You don’t feel that you are commitment enough to make this work



6 nutrition and 6 life coaching sessions

45-minute face-to-face appointments once a week to track, encourage, answer questions, and get new information. The first half the program covers all about food, how, when and where to eat. You will learn the best food combinations and portions for your body type.
In the other half of the problem you will learn how to handle emotions and how to control and reprogram our brain. You will learn the most advanced techniques for self-control so you can sustain you new habits for good.

Food audit

Together we will identify what's in your pantry that might be preventing you from losing weight. We will make the necessary changes, remove what no longer serves you and welcome the new foods that are going to bring you so much health and benefits! This exercise opens the door to your new path.
This is your chance to ask me about supplements, menus and everything you're currently takining.

Supermarket Tour

Join me at the supermarket so I can personally, or virtually show you how to buy your food consciously. I'll show you how companies play with words and manipulate information to sell, while putting our health at risk. You'll learn to read labels, what to buy organic, what foods help you burn fat, and a variety of new options so healthy eating does not become boring.

Personalized eating plan

On the second week you will receive a custom-made meal plan. Remember, it's not a diet to be follow to the dot…. It is simply a compilation of several ideas so you can know what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. These are all based on your food preferences; it does not require to force yourself into liking something that you don’t.

Guidelines and Sugar Impact Scales

In this program, you'll find tips and tools no one else has in the industry. These will help you keep the weight off and prevent you from gaining more. You will learn the effect that each food has in your body.
You will be surprised with how clear and easy to understand the information is. Everything is color coded and categorized so you can comfortably follow along.
Additionally, you will receive guides for attending events, parties, for when you travel or when are far from home.
During the program you will be able to continue to enjoy your favorite things without worrying about gaining weight.

Your next 90 days are going to completely transform your body, inside and out



What if all this was done for you: easy and quick recipes, lists that measure the impact of food in your body, guides for every-day situations


Think about it as a bridge that will easily take you from where you are standing now to where you want to go: your ideal weight and other goals. It’s a path in which you will learn, accomplish what you want and free yourself from the stress of figuring it out. Your hand will be held by a person who went through the same things you have; this is a no judgment trip to your happiness!

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